Beary Sweet

Beary Sweet is a social expressions brand based around “sprinkling the world with sweetness”. Imagine that moment after you take a bite of your favorite dessert or get a giant bear hug from a loved one – we have that recipe! Beary Sweet is meant to evoke a feeling of happiness & comfort. It’s about savoring the moments, sharing with others and spreading joy throughout the world. Each Beary Sweet Treat is made with a sprinkle of love, a dash of hope & a touch of fun. Then they are mixed with friendship, stuffed with secrets, decorated with style and ready to sweeten your day!



Created in collaboration with Wicked Cool Toys, Crashlings are galactic explorers, crashing from planet to planet, discovering new species, friends and sometimes enemies in a new age space race to keep the peace in the galaxies above. Colorful wacky aliens, slimy monsters, slithering insects, destructive dinosaurs, and super strange sea life crash together in one giant space adventure. Join Crash-Troid and his friends in a thrilling space chase as they invade planet Earth!


The Wiggles
After 21 years of entertaining children around the globe, it is the beginning of an exciting new era for The Wiggles as Wiggle creator, Anthony (Blue), takes The Wiggles on their Taking Off! Tour joining Dorothy the Dinosaur, Captain Feathersword, Wags the Dog and Henry the Octopus, and introducing Simon (Red), Emma (Yellow) and Lachy (Purple) to a new generation of fans.


POP! Fortune

POP! Fortune is all about luck, fun and surprise. It blends patterns, color and culture with the fun of opening a fortune cookie. We recently launched a line of fortune cookie shaped lip-glosses with a secret fortune inside. Pop them open, taste the flavors & share the luck with friends.


Rock Candy Girl

Rock Candy Girl is a sweet new cosmetics line inspired by rock candy. Check out our new sugary sweet lip gloss!


moonicornz spiral

Moonicornz is a social expressions brand about cow/unicorn hybrids & their bedtime friends like the Tooth Fairy, flying pigs, counting sheep & bed bugs. They are the creators of the Milky Way and jump over the moon at the end of each day!


Squaredy Cats

It’s about mood, self-expression, and personality…it’s about being “not squared to be me.” The Squaredy Cats brand is committed to assuring everyone that their quirks and differences are what make them special. The plush are soft and squishy, stackable and collectible cubes with fuzzy tails. Each character has their own phrase embroidered on the side, like, “not squared to be sweet,” or “not squared to act silly.” There is one for everyone, and depending on your mood there’s another one for you.


Key Bored

Key-Bored is a brand that encompasses all things geeky. From retro floppy disks to futuristic tech accessories to an infestation of computer mice – yikes! The brand is comprised of witty sayings & comical illustrations all inspired by the devices we can’t live without.



Furmaids is a pre-school girls brand about mermaid/animal hybrids that live in a magical underwater world. You’ll find BEARacudas, Cat Fish, Sea Cows and Mud Fish (that look like pigs covered in mud). They eat peanut butter & jelly fish, use sand dollars as currency & are obsessed with all things warm and fuzSEA. The brand is about discovery & teamwork with an ecological twist.



The Kingdom of Paramithi is an exciting new series full of adventure stories drawn from a rich tradition of folk tales and music. You’ll meet a king and a queen and a host of colorful characters who are passionate about putting on a show. The series, from the creators of The Wiggles, consists of 30 half-hour episodes or 52 x 7 minute episodes.


Miso Ninja

MISO ninja empowers girls to express their emotions. The MISO ninjas were trained to be so tough on the outside that they lost most of their feelings on the inside. In fact, the main ninja NUMB Chuck has lost his feelings completely. Chop Suey (the sweet one), Kung Pow (the strong one), Tofu (the mushy one) and Wasabi (the inquisitive one), have set out on a mission to help NUMB Chuck feel again.



Poopeez is a new potty humor brand that offers a comical twist on life’s stinkiest moments. Although Poopeez is inspired by bathroom humor, it always takes a light-hearted and witty approach. Each Poopeez character has endearing humanistic qualities and a unique personality. Some of the current standouts include: Pooper Heroes, the Toot Fairy, Old Farts, Turdle, Humpty Dumpty, Log & Eco Poo (a strikingly green poo who believes in conserving toilet paper). In addition to the 200+ characters in the line, there are also Poopeez songs, webisodes, poems & puns galore!


Deviled Eggz

Deviled Eggz are known to be practical yolkers. They love knock knock yolks, riddles, tricks, trouble & surprises. Crack open the fun!














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