The Brandberry Bunch

Ashley Mady

Founder and President

Ashley Headshot

Introducing Ashley, the one who started it all. She is a creative brand builder with a proven track record in bringing brands to life. Often referred to as “pleasantly persistent”, this dreamer knows how to keep her eye on the prize. As founder and President of Brandberry, her setting rests permanently on innovation mode. When she isn’t collaborating with clients, buzzing between meetings and leading team brainstorming sessions…actually she is just always doing those things. Fusion applies to everything she does, just look at our brands. This is also evidenced in her inexplicable ability to remain cheerful while rocking out to what she likes to call “angry girl” music. Cue Alanis Morissette. Her top food choices blend dishes from around the world (on the same plate)…and generally include avocados, jalapenos and at least 3 dipping sauces.

Eddie Mady



Eddie is the multi-talented Director of Brandberry and a true jack of all trades. If there is something you think might be cool to do, Eddie has probably already done it. He is a former race car driver with a shameless shellfish obsession (we encourage you to try to say that five times fast) and has a sharp mind for business. As a true lover of melody, he has mastered nearly every musical instrument… except for woodwinds, he’s working on those. A big kid at heart, Eddie enjoys playing video games with his nephews and has yet to give up on his dream of becoming a professional game show host… one day, Eddie, one day.

Alise Robinson

Brand Manager and Creative Strategist


Alise is our bizarrely optimistic Brand Manager and Creative Strategist. She brings life to Brandberry’s pitch sessions by demanding we begin each one with a focused visualization exercise. She claims to play a mean air guitar and execute a shower solo that would put Adele to shame… both of which we have (thankfully) yet to witness, but we choose to take her word for it. She is a true believer in the art of collaboration and trusting the creative process and if you ask her why she chose the children’s business she’ll simply tell you, “I really do dig kids.”

Lori Perry

Assistant Brand Manager

Lori pic

Lori is our extremely creative and shockingly organized Assistant Brand Manager. She is a proud Gator grad and if you grew up on Radio Disney you probably listened to this Kid Caster’s voice on your ride home from school. As a foodie who is allergic to dairy, she tends to get quite innovative in the kitchen and puts the rest of our premade lunches to shame. Her first love is her dog Blizzard, but our CBO Faith still holds a special place in her heart… as well as in her lap.

Laurie DeLuca Rios

Creative Hybrid


Laurie is a creative hybrid with a knack for spotting trends. Because of her involvement in the Poopeez brand, we often refer to her as “Creative Dingle Berry”…. and her inventive ideas never leave us hanging. She is a master of puns and frequently scavenges thrift stores for the ultimate vintage treasure. A true lover of toys, her collection has now exceeded that of her four year old daughter’s. Fortunately, Laurie has learned how to share her toys along with her ideas, scoring her points as both a cool mom and a talented visionary.

Cristina Lopez

Art Director


Cristina, or Cristy as we call her here, is one of Brandberry’s fabulously gifted Graphic Designers. When her childhood dream of becoming an ice cream truck driver didn’t pan out, she attended the Ringling College of Art Design and graduated with a major in Graphic and Interactive Communication. In her spare time she enjoys making jewelry out of office supplies, stomping in puddles, and conjuring up colorful words to add to the English language.

Stephanie Guzman

Illustrator & Graphic Artist

Steph Pic

Stephanie is an incredibly innovative graphic designer who earned her Bachelors of Fine Arts in Graphic Design at Miami International University of Art and Design. Her hilarious nicknames, flamboyant accents, and consistently sunny disposition are always brightening up the office. She is an avid doll collector and DIY enthusiast and if you’re looking to get on her good side, we recommend giving her something chocolate.

Micaela Calderon

Graphic Artist


Micaela, pronounced Mee-kah-eh-la but we like to use it interchangeably with Micky and Mica, is a talented Graphic Design Graduate of the Digital Media Arts College in Boca Raton, Florida. You can find her at the Brandberry office singing aloud to Disney Pandora while diligently developing digital masterpieces. Ice cream and Mario Kart are her guilty pleasures and we wouldn’t suggest challenging her to a hula hooping competition…because you will probably lose.

Racquel Malanga

Public Relations Strategist


Racquel is Brandberry’s fun-loving Public Relations Specialist and though fancies herself a yogi, we all know she can barely touch her toes. She is passionate about creative writing, terribly addicted to Ted-talks and her coffee addiction is somewhat a cause for concern. When Racquel isn’t writing blog articles and researching new press initiatives for Brandberry, you can find her nose deep in some weird fantasy novel while whatever she forgot she was cooking catches flame in the oven.

Sondra Vladem

Trend Specialist


Sondra is our oh-so-adventuresome Trend Specialist. As a former Art teacher, she appreciates all forms of creativity and is always on a quest to find the next big thing – whether it’s by watching talk shows, doing store checks or traveling the world. Ceaselessly searching for new hobbies, some of her most recent endeavors include glass blowing, stone carving and mastering complex yoga moves. As someone who impressively completes marathons & triathlons, she is known to go the extra mile and retains a tireless work ethic. She’s also a serious animal lover…did we mention she once had a pet pig named Foster?

Faith Mady

Chief Barketing Officer

a faith headshot

Faith is Brandberry’s loyal and energetic Chief Barketing Officer. She is a go-getting pooch with biting wit and a wagging personality. When she isn’t barking orders around the office, she moonlights as the Mady’s security guard, striking fear into every pool-boy in the South Florida area. Her unique creative process has proven to inspire such fruitful ideas, that some of us have even taken to sneezing uncontrollably and spinning around in circles when faced with an artistic block.

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