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Thinking Outside of The Box, Yet Not Too Far

Businesses yearn for innovation, yet seem to get stuck on how to harness creativity within their organizations. Instead they often seek assistance from outside agencies, like our firm Brandberry, to do the ideation for them. We’ve seen some unbelievable yet underutilized talent and are often stumped as to why they have their blinders on. Below you will find some of our secrets to climb outside of the box, while still grounding those ideas.

Consider Who Put You In The Box In The First Place
While it’s often unintentional, the rut of everyday business can stifle creativity. New ideas could be ignored due to deadlines and urgent tasks. A great concept could be dismissed because it’s too out there or maybe the person is not high enough within the organization to be heard. Other times, it’s you who puts yourself in the box by thinking your ideas aren’t good enough. Creativity is like a light switch, the electricity is always ready, all that matters is that you are aware enough to turn it on.

Become A Master Of The Art Of Fusion
Sometimes the best way to step outside of the box (without stepping too far) is to adopt the art of fusion. Inspiration can be found everywhere, so look beyond your industry, then mix those new ideas with something tried and true. Adopting something that’s working in another field may be the perfect addition to show validity. Even though companies say they want something new, they are often still somewhat risk averse, so this requires a careful balance.

Switch Up Your Daily Routine To Unleash Ideas
Get out of your daily grind to prompt creative thinking or just try to view your day through a new lense. Keep innovation top of mind every waking moment. Even a simple task such as going to a grocery store or filling your car with gas can become a source of innovation. Instead of zoning out or day dreaming, look around and absorb what is right in front of you.

Remember To Keep It Simple
Not all ideas have to change the world, but they do need to be easy to explain. If you can’t come up with an elevator pitch, you’ve probably stepped too far away from a solid idea. It’s okay to be a pie in the sky dreamer, but it’s also important to make sure it’s something that can be communicated easily to the end user.

Practice Grounding Your Ideas
After you go far outside the box, try to see if you can fit them back into the box. Ensure the core principals of your product or service are not lost. Also, make sure it fills a gap in the market or has a unique enough positioning to stand out from the competition. If you do this before sharing your concepts, the review process will be simpler…and more convincing!


5 Tips to Finding Loopholes on the Road to Success

Whatever your destination may be, if you look hard enough and travel smart you can discover a way to get there faster. They’re called loopholes and they are usually hiding in plain sight. You need only to take your blinders off to see them.

Here are 5 tips that are sure to help you accomplish your dreams with more ease than you ever thought possible.

  1. Know Your Destination

Before you become a master of identifying loopholes, you have to make sure you clearly define your end goals. The first step you take before embarking on a cross country road trip is to punch in your destination’s coordinates into your GPS. The same concept applies before tackling any objective – you should begin with your desired end-point in mind.

  1. Map Out Possible Solutions

There will always be alternate routes available when traveling to your destination. It is being able to identify which path is most worth traveling. If you want to go places and get there in record time, you need to think beyond the immediate and obvious contributing variables. You can’t simply consider approximate miles and estimated arrival time and call it a day. You need to account for traffic, unexpected accidents and possible road blocks. Cover all of your bases. Begin by asking yourself “How can I accomplish my goal in the quickest and most effective way possible?” Then map out at least 20 ways to make that happen, and don’t shorten your list when you hit a creative block, sometimes it’s the last answer that renders the best solution.

  1. Identify Your Vehicle

Once you’ve selected the most efficient course, consider the mode of transportation you’ll need to take that ride. What compromises are you willing to make to get there faster? Do you need a career change or will your current vehicle get you to the same intersection without taking up too much time? Are you willing to risk financial security, even temporarily? Do you need space for others? Most importantly, decide if you have what it takes to be the driver and be able to recognize when it’s time to hand over the wheel to another passenger.

  1. Use Your Mirrors

Loopholes are like potholes, you often don’t see them until it’s too late and you’re stuck with a flat-tire and headache. Keep your eyes open and proactively be on the look-out for when the next one might arise. Talk to others, share your ideas, reflect on your past and ensure you are staying true to why you started in the first place. It’s easy to get off course and miss the exit if you’re too busy checking your rearview for what you’ve left behind. Maintain your focus, follow the signs (and your gut)…and yes, U-turns are okay! Mistakes are bound to happen, learn from them and keep moving forward, only this time put the pedal to the metal.

  1. Put The Top Down

What’s the point of a road trip if you’re not going to enjoy the ride? Roll down the windows, lower that top and embrace the winds of change whipping across your face. If you’re excited about where you’re heading, you’ll travel faster – it’s that simple.

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